nothing gold can stay → bobby/hanbin (i/ii)

nothing gold can stay
ikon ; bobby/hanbin, minor!ot7 → nc-17 → 11.1k
loose gang!au ; And yeah, maybe he’s just a giant convolution of bruised knuckles and recklessness and cheeky smiles and teeth, but nobody comes to Hanbin as more familiar.
warnings! minor character death, suicide (+attempts), alcoholism, smoking, shotgunning, implied drug abuse, mild depictions of violence, overall misery
written for exchangekon for jongn + crossposted to ao3

this entire fic is a giant mess and a rushed, unsolicited monster of feelings. many apologies;; it's been edited so there's less errors and it isn't as messy as the original post, but overall, nothing besides that has been changed. u_____u if y'all can overlook the ridiculous amount of profanity, that'd be amazing lmao. all of this was written to the internet's get away and sza's child's play on eternal loop, and the title was taken from robert frost. i'm sorry for all the emotions, once again.

this is a one way trip straight to hell, oops. michelle you suck!!

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rest in grace → yoongi/jimin

rest in grace
bangtan ; yoongi/jimin → pg-13 → 2.5k
angels!au ; Angels bleed gold but Yoongi bleeds black.
warnings! major religious themes, unrequited pining, obnoxious metaphors about blood and hearts but no actual blood or hearts, metaphorical death
written for elfscouts + crossposted to ao3

s/o to manni, my everything, for beta-ing and helping me with the plot even though it's so short and listening to all my complaining, and just overall greatness as per usual. s/o to my other everything, ze, who looked this over and hated me ily. also to my love reika reading over for me. you're all gems and i would be nothing without you.

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